Scenery Mixtape Part 6 (THE END)

In 2011, Louis La Roche created a mixtape series, entitled 'Scenery'.

Scenery wasn't just ANY mixtape. All tracks featured were original songs, ideas, edits, remixes and mashups by LLR himself. Originally made as a trilogy, Parts 4 & 5 were added in 2012/2013. This year brings the series to a close with Part 6, double in length compared to the previous releases. Covering various genres, packed full of experimentation, this final adventure could be the best yet.

“There will be no tracklisting, the idea is that Scenery is a listening experience of short songs that create a journey for the listener. This is a free project, released digitally by myself, and each part will come with individual artwork.”

In an exclusive interview with Earmilk, Louis talks Production, Samples, and the reveals the secrets of Scenery:…w-louis-la-roche/

It's the end of the journey…time for you to get off!

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